Google Authorship Benefits

With Google Authorship you can build “Author Rank”, or a measure of your posting reputation, based on your content published on the web. Google analyzes your expertise with Google+ and Social Media sharing. The value of your content and quality can be measured in real time.

Good quality content means high author rank and this combination will give you a high quality score on Google search.

How to setup Google Authorship:

  • Google+ Profile Link Option:
  1. Create your Google+ profile
  2. Go to:
  3. Verify your email address and link your Google+ profile to Google Authorship
  4. Link your URLs under the Contribution section of your Google+ account
  • On-Page Link Option
  1. Just personalize and add the following HTML code in your web page: <a href=””>YourNAME</a>

The implementation will take some time, you can test your Authorship at:

Google Authorship recently removed the profile picture from the content results. Google is working hard to reduce spam and increase relevancy. Author Rank gives you the opportunity to show your expertise on specific subjects, build trust, and protect your content.

Below “How-to” video:

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By Ayleen López



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